Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya ©


Temple of Light and Sound 

Greetings dear one 

We are the elders of the council of light. We connect with you on the highest of vibrations and love.  It is with joy that we come to you this evening to share with you some wisdom.  Of advice to you. 

We wish to share with you the temple in our city of light.  This temple is for your use and we would wish you to be accepting of its use and to come here whenever you feel the need, it will refresh you, breathe some freshness and life into your beings for those of you that come here over and above the “collection of light” as we would put it.  There is a circle in the middle of this temple and extending from this circle to the heavens is a shaft of light.  Come and stand in this circle, bathe in the light, absorb its frequency for it is both sound and light that will automatically do the healing. 

We wish that you take with you the peace and love of this place this city of light for we the beings from Andromeda constellation have much to offer humanity in the sharing of the wisdom of peace, where we come from we exist in this peace on a different level to humanity current and it is with joy that we share this wisdom with you.  This peace comes in the form of light network connections around the planet as more connections are made between the cities, we will eventually all be joined and humanity will have more access to them in the future- near future. 

And so we wish to invite you to visit and breathe in this light available to you, for you will leave us different from how you came. 

We bless you with light

Continue your journey with love

We are the beings of the council of light- city of light Andromeda