Greetings beloved one

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya 


We are the Elders of The council of Light- City of Light Andromeda 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service. 

We channel you today on-

The Gifts- from The City of Light – Andromeda 

For eons the planet has been under influence of dark forces and this has adversely affected and still affects your physical and unseen bodies.  We classify these as the mental, emotional, lightbody and MerKaBa.  As these affects have been linked into your DNA, it has been up until now not an easy task to release yourself from the affects of the control systems, and thought forms that have been manifesting by these dark entities. 

Your energetic structure is a divine counterpart of your magnificent soul. Your human part is but a spec of who and what you really are.  The power of manifestation you have is so great that the dark are so afraid of you claiming your true power.  For when you do, this will herald the end of their interference.  It is for each and every one of you to recognise and disconnect from the dark’s interference. You can do this in many ways. One is to disconnect from the MATRIX that they set up to keep you all in fear and lack, especially in fear of recognising your own divinity.  That ELOHIM spark that is your true magnificence. 

The media is another form of their set up for control and the many systems besides that that were set up for the lessons of DUALITY will fall by the wayside.  The MATRIX that was set up by the dark ILLUMINATI infiltrated all these systems to keep humanity from awakening.  This is no longer possible for the eyes that read these channellings are awakened just by reading the words.  For these words are filled with high vibration. 

As you disconnect from their MATRIX set up you free yourself to vibrate higher and incorporate more and more light into your energetic unseen bodies and your physical body.  As you do this you will become healthier and will not be able to eat foods of a low vibration.  You will feel in your heart of hearts that connecting to the NEW GRIDS OF LIGHT is opening your heart.  And even though the clearing and releasing that you will do, will be of a higher awareness.  As you step forward on your paths on ASCENSION it will be easier for you to “see” where you need to be, or what you need to be doing.  The more you release yourselves from all negative aspects and clear your karmic issues, the more light you inscend, the more the MATRIX cannot affect you or have an effect on any of your bodies.  This should be your goal.

To be able to step back from all the DRAMA and align yourselves only to higher vibrations of light. 

Meditation – Claiming your Gifts 

We invite you now to come to The Temple of Light and Sound within The City of Light Andromeda and stand in the sacred circle.  Here allow your body, physical, mental, emotional, lightbody and MerKaBa to be infused with GOLDEN LIGHT.  Here you can request the sacred geometries you need be place in and around you wherever it is needed for you own healing and wellbeing.  It is here that your gifts are bestowed upon you. Claim them, they are your right.  Even your right to recognise the DIVINESS of your own being. 

Your hearts are the secret to higher awareness; your ascension cannot be completed without its full opening and connection to your own true magnificence. There is no need to feel that there is no deserving, this is merely a negative belief system that you need not carry any more.

You are deserving of your true gifts.  They await you and your request for them. 

We surround you with our love and support and are delighted at your visitations.  We honour you and guide you in this precious time on earth. 

Your beloved brothers and sisters 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra.

AVA MAYA- rejoice in New Earth beloved ones- it is soon.