Council of Light- City of Light- Andromeda

The Opening of the Rainbow Portal on Table Mountain

Greetings beloved one 

It is indeed an honour to be communicating in this manner in this way.  On this day the 10-11-2006 the dates for us are irrelevant but for you they are not.  For they represent a linear time span and this as you know is ending.  It is also part of your frustration on planet earth at the moment because you are still all entrapped in linear time.  We guide you today on your work on planet earth as this is what you have requested.  

And now we guide you on tomorrow’s rainbow activation on top of Table Mountain.  This is the opening of the portal, a rainbow spectrum of light that you have already grounded within yourself to be activated on top of Table Mountain tomorrow.  And you will do this as you have done this today with the rainbow coming through from the higher dimensions through your crown star chakra, and into your pineal gland, and through your thymus into your heart, through your adrenal gland and through your gonads and through your earth star chakra and deep into the heart of mother earth. 

The reason that this needs to happen is that is a grounding process and then we will take the rainbow from the heart of mother earth back up through the same path and into your heart, thymus, pineal gland, back up to the sky and opening a spectrum of light like a giant dish- it will look like a giant dish-and then bringing this around mother earth to the south pole, into energetic points like a fan, you will fan this out from your crown that is connected to the sky and fan it out through to the south pole, back into the south pole and back up to the earth star chakra into yourself so it is a never ending circle of rainbow energy.

This is a powerful energy structure and it is an accompaniment of all the dimensions, colours, and spectrum of light and vibrations.  It is a joining and a connection of all of them and grounding this into mother earths energetic structure.

And so it is an important day for you tomorrow which is why you had so much sleep last night. Is because you need to gear up for the energetic release and grounding of work you need to do on top of Table Mountain.  This is a beautiful portal of light that is going to open on top of Table Mountain tomorrow, for it not only connects all the dimensions and energetic structures it also is a portal of entry to the higher dimensions, specifically the cities of light.  The cities of light will further be grounded in the 5th dimension to mother earth and there are many who will be able to feel and see these cities after that. 

And so beloved one we ask you again to continue on your path it is the right one.  And follow your rainbows and your dolphin rainbows, the 2 are linked together, the dolphins and the rainbows, they will lead you to a wonderful place for you.  And so we leave you now with the rainbow ray close to your heart and Lady Nada will be with you tomorrow on top of Table Mountain as will we all to aid you and assist you in this process for it is a wonderful wonderful process.  For it is a wonderful thing to see so many lightworkers on this planet doing all the work they are doing, helping humanity, because you all are aiding this process in an energetic way, in a most wonderful way.  You are not able to see the results yet, but first comes the energetic manifestation and then it becomes real in the physical.  So do not worry too much on what you can see on the earth plane, because the earth plane is just playing out its last chaotic gripping at straws – is how we will term it.

There will be change on planet earth and those changes are already being seen.  And so we ask you to keep your faith and your thoughts and your dreams on NEW EARTH and love and peace and joy and harmony especially in your own lives.  So beloved one we greet you now and we leave you on the ray of peace.

Go well and enjoy your day.

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya