The Pranic Breath Meditation 

Prana has long been used by the yogis as a way of energising energy centres that run through the body.  In the ascension times it is vital to energize your entire energetic structure using PRANA – or Life force energy.

Use it in the same manner in which you would breathe and that is without thought of doing it.   

We have many bodies to connect and clear in this time on earth as we prepare for ascension and the work needed to be done on our energetic bodies and MerKaBa includes this beautiful form of Pranic breathing. 

The best known meditation for MerKaBa is written by Drunvalo Melchizedek

“The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volume 1 and 2”. 

What is PRANA 

Prana is life force energy, energy of the Elohim creator.  When using this technique of Pranic breathing it raises our vibrations and enables us balance and energize the physical body, the overlay body, the light body, the chakras, the MerKaBa.  Our physical bodies are not all that we are and we are connected to all our other bodies, it is up to us how we keep these bodies.  So even if we can see if there is anything wrong with our etheric bodies, our current emotional statue will be an indication that clearing needs to be done in one or all of our energetic structures.  Once Pranic breathing becomes second nature you will find you have a clearer connection to your higher self, you will connect better with what spirit is telling you or guiding you to. 

To utilise this life force energy it is useful to know how your body structure is made up. 

Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Light body, MerKaBa 

As you work with Prana it will bring to light many old belief systems, old patterns of behaviour that need clearing.  You can do this by recognising the emotion behind this stuck pattern, clearing any karma attached to it, releasing and healing any soul fragment through all dimensions of time and through any lifetime so that this pattern of behaviour is released and cleansed from your entire body. 

I always find that after practicing Pranic Breathing often I am balanced and energized.  So it is a must on this ascension path. 


(compliments from ZaKaiRan 

Visualize and feel your prana tube that extends right through the center of your body, through the center of your brain, through your pineal gland, through your perineum, (just above your anus). It extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. Put your hand above your head briefly to see how far the prana tube extends. Look down to see how far this prana tube extends below your feet. (To visualize the width of your prana tube: place your index finger and thumb together to form a circle, this is the size of your prana tube).

Begin by breathing prana up from the earth through your prana tube to your heart chakra center. (You may draw in this prana coinciding it with the inhale of your physical breath. But be aware that prana is a constant in-flow, it does not go in and out). Feel this earth prana, the life force of Mother Gaia flowing through you and expanding your heart.

Now breathe in prana from the cosmic above your head, from the crown center. (You may once again breathe in prana coincidally with your physical breath). Draw this cosmic prana in through your pineal gland and feel it activate. Draw in this prana to your heart center. Feel the multidimensional, intergalactic, universal nature of this energy. Feel this cosmic life force energy expand you in a profound way, remembering your spiritual essence.

Now do them both at the same time. Draw in prana from below and above at the same time, up through your perineum to your heart and down through your pineal to your heart. Feel your heart expanding. Feel the complete balance that is created. Feel yourself centred in your crown, connected to the realm of Spirit, connected to the earth and balanced within your heart.

You now have a heart filled with prana. A prana sphere has been created. Now expand this sphere to encompass your entire body. (This is the sphere of Leonardo da Vinci). This prana sphere will penetrate and enliven your entire body and will activate your MerKaBah.


Extract below from channelling done on 21-09-2006 on The Golden Ray of Light by Liat Nava Aliya

“It is also no co-incidence that Prana or pure life-force energy is Golden and when this Golden Ray of Light is infused within your physical and etherical body, light body, merkaba, it infuses life force energy within all these structures creating healing, love and CONNECTION.  This is why pranic meditation leaves one with a feeling of absolute wellbeing. 

So we advise you to utilize the Golden Ray of Light to create for yourselves this healing energy. 


Surround yourself with an energy field of white light.  Call in your higher self to assist you.  If you so choose request the presence of the Angels of the Golden Ray, the Ascended Masters of The Golden Ray. 

Imagine a golden tube running the length of your spine and straight into the earth to mother earth’s heart.  Imagine the golden tube of light extending from your spine and into the sky.  Bring in the Golden Ray of Light from the sky and into your golden tube.  Expand this light within until you are the golden light itself.  Breathe in Golden Ray of Light from the heart of mother earth and up through to the sky expanding this Golden Light until the Golden light from below and from above are fully merged within you and extending out of you and request that no part of your body or lightbody or etheric body is left out.

 Do this often and it will energize you on all levels.”  Channelling end