Written By Liat Nava Aliya


 I have for some time now been bothered by the element of responsibility and the new age thoughts of the sequence of events that occur in ones life.  The reason for the happenings of events even though can be particularly nasty are often met with that they were meant to happen.

I challenge this theory on all levels.  But first to take you back to the first rule of earthly incarnation and that is that we have the freedom to choose.  We have freedom of choice of how to be, act, speak, do to yourself and to others.

Now here comes the crunch.  Say if a person decides to molest a child for instance. Some New Age theory will immediately say that “it was meant to happen”.  Really?  I say that first there is always a choice in the act in the first place, and by following through with the evil intent to harm this child, the New Agers will by their statement absolve the person doing their deeds and place the person who was molested in the area of losing their power.  Some may say it was karma.  Really?  The acts of abuse towards others would have to have been greater in the past than now for this to occur, for the numbers of those committing these deeds today are far greater in number than requires KARMA for, so it points to choice over karma.  I also was under the impression not so long ago that all is meant to be NO MATTER HOW BAD.

I was wrong.  We are constantly in a state of choice and constantly manifesting as we go along. The thing that was making me think was exactly this.  I then bought Belinda Silbert’s book called “Survival Kit for the Hereafter “ which made me think about all of this and about the responsibility in this new energy.

So here goes, by choosing to do evil and nasty deeds to another human being, at that moment in time, instant karma IS INCURRED by the person doing this deed.  For in effect the person causing the pain or event is responsible for the outcome.  New Age theory of “It was meant to be”- removes this responsibility from the human beings who commit atrocities towards another.  It also removes the power from the person receiving the deed. In the past we incurred karma and agreed to be victimised ourselves, but this changed in the new energy and we are guided now to accept responsibility for the energy we create. This was old earth energy where destiny wrote that it would be so.  This is why it does not work in this NEW ENERGY and along with it the misconstrued belief of "meant to be".

How does one live with the statement that a political leader committing atrocities “was meant to be to awaken others” I have never heard of such rubbish.  We do not need war, warmongers, and tyrants on this planet to awaken anyone.  No human being will awaken in such circumstances.  They will shut down and shut off and learn how to hate.  They will feel abandoned, possibly by the higher powers.  Humanity does not need wars to awaken, they need peace, abundance, joy, love and harmony.  This is what New Earth is about.

So please, when I read that it’s ok for a child (or another human) to be molested, murdered, raped, or human rights atrocities carried out on the human populace, please don’t throw me with: “it was meant to be” Trust me, if you did not specifically ask for it, then it was not meant to be. There are many outcomes and pathways all dependant on the choice. The choice to drink at a bar, then drive drunk and hurt others, or not, or take a taxi home.  This is the responsibility we face now.  The outcomes we are responsible for by our actions, thoughts and deeds.

The energy especially after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 took us on the changed path of energy and many do not know how it works in the new energy yet.

Look at the many governments around this planet and what they are doing and in what name they do their atrocious deeds?  They do it in the name of FREE WILL (Theirs, not yours.) and FREE CHOICE to make more money of course and keep the population in fear, lack, poverty, and most often swear the following words (So Help me G-d, is actually a dichotomy) and usually in public with full media backing to make them look good.

I have no love of what I see on this planet and the blatant lies being fed by the media to the public.  I have even less time for the leaders of countries, I work on them with light so all they do is brought to light.

 Most human beings do not want hunger, pain, violation of human rights and war and instability.  Their freedom of choice is removed by those who operate out of fear and greed.

By making the statement that “all is meant to be” totally absolves and allows those to perpetrate more of the horrible stuff they are doing and removes something very important from the way humans look at events and that is COMPASSION.  What actually happens energetically is that it is ALLOWED.  It is passive agreement and so CONTINUES the cycle.

The current light quotient dictates that all deeds are surfacing and none can hide.  With the current increase in time, you are seeing many deeds.  But where is compassion in all of this if we walk around with “Oh it was meant to be”.  How would you feel knowing about freedom of choice that someone you loved was molested say your child by an adult who knows between right and wrong and had the choice at that time to commit this deed?  Where is your compassion then for perhaps your daughter who may be 5 years old?

It removes responsibility of the choice made and removes compassion for the child and the child’s power all in the name of this statement and dictates to mass consciousness that it is OK. It is not Ok. 

We are all being urged at present to look at our current belief systems.  Strangely enough the more of you that accept the “Oh it was meant to be” actually begins to dictate on a mass consciousness level and begins to create much bigger energy movement.  This is the bigger picture not seen by what our thoughts create.  This is why belief systems need to be looked at.  These include imprinting, upbringing, education, belief systems.  Why must we accept that the free will of others to harm in so many ways is OK? It is not OK and we are MEANT TO LIVE IN PEACE.  This is where we are headed NEW EARTH.

Thoughts are energy creation, many thoughts create consciousness and create on a grand scale.  This is why we are guided to be careful of our thoughts, Master our Thoughts, Be aware of our thoughts because THEY CREATE. Universal law also dictates the Law of attraction and return to YOU. 

This is why spirit requires that you reach inside, and look at the universal laws- which most humans do not understand.  The responsibility of your thoughts, actions and deeds with your intent is yours alone and you will answer for each and every act where you have hurt, molested, used political power, in a manner that is for your own greed, power, obsessions etc.  You will stand before the Elohim Council. (You will anyway, by the way). 

My own guides have constantly reminded me of emotional healing and release work, this takes time, I know as more and more surfaces especially this latter part of the year of the 999 where we are all completing issues including karma, karmic residue and issues, so that we can move forward in the year of 2008 which I see as a 10 year- The Great Awakening Year.  Many  have become lost at present, and the reason being is that responsibility plays a major part in New Earth.  This responsibility is with the self and how you create, how you think and what you think and what your intent is behind the thoughts, actions and deeds you carry out.  Know that you have a choice in how everything is played out in your own life. 

The part that really gets me is there is a president on this planet that is president of a large country- the land of milk and honey- and to mention some other African presidents, The new age philosophy of “ its meant to be” got my goat. All humans in a position of power have the choice to act in light or dark, this we can clearly see at present and their unwillingness to embrace their own light. Now in the earth light quotient at present they scurry to hide their deeds.  They mislead, misrepresent and abuse humanity on this earth.

We did not come here to be abused, we came to make a difference and that difference in the choices those in power make, affect you.  It gets me that millions of Zimbabweans are displaced, murdered, raped, their farms plundered, businesses and human rights removed in the hands of those operating in the name of politics, greed and fear.  While this occurs, the western governments including South Africa turn a blind eye to their responsibility to speak out and assist those who feel they have lost their voice.  Where is the compassion now?

It has been removed by “it was meant to be”.  How about another scenario.  In these instances, should those in political power have used their power for greater good and peace, not commit these human rights atrocities, those living in those countries would be awakening in a more beautiful environment without the infringement of the human beings right to the freedom of choice not have these atrocities committed against them. They awaken fully to their sovereignty.

Abuses close the human down and further disconnects them from source. 

Compassion begins at home with the view to responsibility of actions, thoughts and deeds.  Where do you want to take new earth?  Certainly not with the removal of compassion SURELY?  You could spend every second of everyday each time something happens with this statement, (you will be spending a lot of time doing this).  It is time to say stop, and think about what you are producing including passive subjection.

We are not meant to be at war, we are not meant to have so many human rights abuses, planetary abuses, but you are seeing them at present on all levels in all societies and in ALL COUNTRIES. Don't think that in Suburbia abuses don't occur.  Wrong again, they most certainly do even in the most affluent homes around the planet. With this attitude it absolves those who continue to do this.  However on a spiritual level it does not.  Those human beings will face the music for their actions, yours, mine and theirs too. You will stand before the ELOHIM COUNCIL with nothing to hide, its all there in your AKASHIC RECORDS of every action, deed and intent behind it.  How does that make you feel?  I know I sat up and took note.  I have been before this ELOHIM COUNCIL many times even before I knew who they were, and believe you me they mean business. Let me see, your entire life reviewed on a very big screen, usually in surround sound,  and surround screen by the way, including the ability to feel the emotions of every act and everything that occurred in your life for yourself and the effect it had on others.  How many of us cringe at certain events?  How many of us do not realise the impact on what we do, be it beautiful, lifesaving or devastating.  I have often watched this screen not knowing what it was. I know now!!!

This planet is no picnic ground; it is the hardest place to incarnate on.  It is up to each individual with free choice to make this planet a better place, starting with ourselves first and the responsibility it takes to awaken.  Many today studying the planets atmosphere, oceans, and animals and nature will all tell you the same thing-the planet cannot sustain humanity on its current course.  Human beings are killing this planet along with the industries, and THE VOICE OF NATURE has been swept aside.  How much do we really care in the name of greed? 

Do you think that ascension means that your issues go away?  WRONG, think again.  I have been constantly reminded to work tirelessly on issues, my own thoughts and emotional being and karmic issues.  Your issues do not disappear. Now listen carefully. YOUR ISSUES AMPLIFY ON ASCENSION.  This is why so many of you are feeling it at present. Uncomfortable? Probably, yes. Those of you who are not are in denial mode.  There are many New Agers who are not aware that you have come at this time to integrate all your lifetimes and you have had many many lifetimes.  There are 4 years left, and constant work especially now is required on your outstanding karmic issues, emotional issues and any other issues.  Do not think that it can be left.  The work still has to be done and should it not be, it will require perhaps another lifetime in a 3rd dimensional awareness again.  This work requires honesty on your part and responsibility.  Ascension does not mean that you instantly become issueless; you cannot wish away your issues not dealt with on Ascension.  You carry them with you until such time as you do the work.  That’s how it is, sorry to burst your bubble.  It is carried in your DNA, your AKASHIC RECORDS; you cannot run away from yourself.

Sure, you can remove your filters, heal your DNA, activate your DNA, but your issues remain, to be worked on by you. We cannot waft things away with “it was meant to be” because then responsibility is absolved and compassion removed.  We are not here to create more karma, but you will if you do not accept responsibility for your own thoughts actions and deeds along with your intent.  You will not be absolved of karma for deeds causing much pain to other humans.  Many New Agers think that coming off the karmic wheel is like a wave of the hand. It is not.

Depending on your contract and I also speak of lightworkers on earth at present, each contact is different and I highly recommend you listen to your guides.  At present this is vital for your evolution.  Do not think that you can simply step off the karmic wheel.  You may have to complete outstanding issues.  You will be feeling them at present.  As your past lives begin to filter through as you awaken more.  Do not think that you have none to repay, OH YES YOU DO.  You have been the good, bad and ugly.  This is the lifetime to do it in.

I had taken the neutral implant on becoming a lightworker after 09/11 by prior contract, and I erroneously thought my karma was complete or voided. I was wrong and there was residue karma, and it required me to complete the cycle before I could move on.

Do you feel stuck?  Good chance that karma is the issue.  Listen well to your guides, they mean business.

Lightworkers, do not get stuck in New Age mumbo jumbo, look closely at universal laws.  They do not change, only the interpretation of them. (Sound familiar?). 

If you stand in one place and do not move, nothing will be accomplished.  If you take a step in any direction, the outcome of that direction is your responsibility, but if you take no step, nothing will be accomplished and the energy required to move you into the next step falls away. You are just as responsible for the unaccomplished.  It is up to you to take the opportunities and sometimes they will be out of your most brilliant ideas that come in a flash.  It’s up to you.  Feeling responsible or uncomfortable?

 © 2007-09-17 Liat Nava Aliya