Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya 

Greetings beloved one 



We are the council of light city of light Andromeda- Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service.  For this is indeed a great honour to communicate with you all beloved ones, reading this channel.  It brings much joy and connection between us and your hearts.  Your hearts that long in the quiet times for this connection.  For it is time for this connection. 

Today we give you the information on what CONNECTION means in the 5th dimension.  Your heart beloved ones is the centre of this connection and for many earth years this connection has been worn away by your belief systems, negating the truth of the real meaning of connection.  The heart is the centre of the universe, for no creation is done without the heart, within the heart of the ALL IS ONE- is all- and we are ALL ONE.  The expression of the heart is unconditional love and creation.  For creation is none other than unconditional love.  It is you and all. 

But first beloved ones we urge you to disconnect from 3d matrix of all that represents the 3rd dimension of illusion.  This illusion has created a reality that seams real, but is not.  The negative emotions, dramas and set ups are no longer necessary and are being dragged on as a prolonging that is no longer necessary.  You all deserve abundance in your lives and the time now is to realise that you must create this abundance.  To do this you must disconnect with all lower vibrating matrix’s that the lower vibrating human forms use to try and manipulate and control humanity with.  They do this in many forms, but mostly through your media, the vast bastion of negativity thrown at you is a constant barrage of making humanity feel worthless and kept in fear.  This fear closes your heart dear ones to your own divinity and shuts down your communication bridge between you and the higher dimensions.  This creates the feeling of disconnection and abandonment and fear- an old illusion for all of us. 

It is time for your hearts to sing the song of the new earth.  The song of peace, unity, divinity, connection, peace, love and joy and most of all abundance.  This beloved ones is a reality in the near linear future. 

And so beloved ones we give to you THE RAY OF CONNECTION 

We ask you to visualize a gold shaft of light spiralling up from your crown chakra to your higher self presence.  Bring this connection to you through a pyramid so that you are encased by this pyramid with the intent that It bring through all your bodies, the physical, etherical, light and merkaba a connection to all.  Visualize the chakra system from your physical body being connected to each energetic chakra layer of each body mentioned, for each body carries its own chakra system and as you ascend in vibration, you will need to re-connect and align these structures to you.  This brings about balance.  Many of you doing lightwork will feel the unbalance within yourselves and wonder why you are feeling so “spaced out”.  The reason for this is that you literally are spaced out and not in alignment. 

We ask you at the same time to connect deep within mother earth’s heart with the same gold shaft of light from your heart and bring this golden shaft of light back through you blending the light in perfect harmony. 

For beloved ones this ray is the ray of harmony and perfect balance and alignment.  The sound of this ray represents creation, for when you are in perfect harmony and alignment you will begin to create and manifest out of unconditional love.  We ask you what is light, light is a perfect merge of colours, colours are sound, sound is harmonics, harmonics is the secret to Ascension along with sacred geometry and the alignment and re-connection to your divineness.  So breathe in the light, colour, sound and breath in alignment, breathe it into your being.  For the ALL IS ONE wants nothing more than for you to remember the connection. 

Practice this connection and you will be this connection, for once you remember you will become the CONNECTION through your heart to all. 

We leave you in great anticipation and love. 

We are the Elders of The Council of Light- City of Light Andromeda