Greetings beloved one

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya


The Ray of Peace 

We come to you on the ray of love and peace for yourself and humanity.  It is indeed a grand way to communicate and an honour to connect with humanity in this manner. 

We are the Elders of The Council Of Light City Of Light-Andromeda and among us is Ascended Master Abu Myra.  We are at your service. 

There is much happening on the earthly dimension of what you would call the 3rd dimension.  Many of you are having trouble focusing on things that used to be perceived as real, but in reality is not.  This is why your peripheral vision is starting to shimmer when you are looking at something.  It is just that the earth is transitioning and this can be confusing.  We have come in the great capacity of teaching and sharing and helping humanity integrate on the new earth.  But our teachings really began a long time ago and the channellings you read about Cities of Light come now for you to enjoy.

For work beloved ones is meant to be enjoyed and life is meant never to be the slog and slave as you would say.  The creator never wishes for life to be anything but your own choice.  Your own choice is simply that. But working through the many belief systems conjured up on earth to help you feel the separation and disconnection.  This is over and we urge all humanity to let go and begin to replace the old belief systems with ones contained in unconditional love.  We ask you to question your thoughts and processes and then ask your heart for the answer.  The head will always give you a different answer as this is where the ego dwells. 

In this time of transition many changes will come to earth in many ways and it is important that you do not let fear override your divine knowingness that all will be well and that we are all here for all of you.  You will not be let down.  We urge you to follow your heart.  Many of you will find yourselves being moved, following your passions and dreams of what you would like to do.  So follow your heart beloved ones it is never wrong, for the heart is the centre of DIVINE GUIDANCE speaking to you in every colour and tone imaginable.  For in your heart you know what is right or wrong for you at any given time.  Confusion reigns only when the head gets in the way. 

So we give you now the RAY OF PEACE to infuse into your beings.  The ray of peace comes on the wings of a white dove.  SO we ask you to place yourself within our TEMPLE OF LIGHT AND SOUND that this beloved one already channelled earlier this year.  Come and stand on the sacred circle the centre.

Ask us to place in this sacred circle the sacred geometry that you need for right now.  As you stand on this circle a brilliant shaft of light beams down on you from above, and as you look up through this shaft of light you see doves flying above you.  As they fly above you beautiful specks of purple light fall gently on you creating the perfect healing and feeling of absolute peace and love and joy.  As you leave us you take with you this vibration of peace and love and all you come into contact with feel this peace within you. 

Go well beloved ones, the time is coming when we shall meet and we look forward to this. 

We leave you on this ray of peace that has begun on earth beloved ones REJOICE and as we say AVA MAYA. 

We are the Elders Of The Council of Light

City Of Light- Andromeda

Ascended Master Abu Myra 

Channelled By

Liat Nava Aliya