My walking in co-incided with awakening and meeting a soulmate all in the same moment in time- for those who donít think it possible so sorry to burst your bubble. 

As you awaken and vibrate higher you will begin to attract into your life soulmates.  Usually there is much joy in these connections but a recent experience has prompted me to write an article.  Not each and every connection you make is joyful and depends on the soul choices made for each of you.  So you may infact meet a soulmate partner and your higher self will tell you immediately that it is, or you may just know.  But it doesnít mean that it will be right for you now. 

I met a soulmate who was not ready for this kind of union of Christ consciousness- meaning unconditional love.  This caused me much pain and instead of listening to my heart, I listened to my head.  This caused even more confusion. And together with awakening and walking-in, was tumultuous.  I kept asking myself where was the love?

Simple if I had listened to the inner voice- only then did I have peace and accept and release myself. 

Karma also had a part to play because the pull or attraction was too great and I eventually had to learn to release myself from all karma attached to this soulmate.  Only then did I have peace.  So I suggest that you use the Lord and Ladies of the karmic board for complete absolution of any karma between you and request Arch Michael to sever all negative chords between you. 

So my only advice is listen to your heart, not your head.  Ask for an energetic connection to all your soulmates and ask in divine timing for them to be brought into your life and wait patiently.  

Release your belief system as to who and what a soulmate might be or look like.

Soulmates come in many forms. They may be our mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons.  My daughter is one of my soulmates.  They may or may not be our partners.  It led me to another question of does it really matter.  The soulmate issue is rather stereo typed and this needs to be released.  Why not instead love all the people that come into our lives, live the moments, connect with one another.  This was one issue I had after I walked in.  And that was, why do you not love one another?  Had humanity forgotten?  Why is there so much fear in the eyes of a human when you connect with them.  Oh Boy, the walls of separation just have to come down.

Love yourself, love one another, see that they are like you, craving connection- so connect, connect with yourself, connect with all, connect with the universal ALL IS ONE love, bring it into you, be the love and see the changes take place in your life as it raises your vibration. 

Please see my meditation of the heart space for soulmates.  Should you place your soulmate in this gazebo and find that the area or space beyond shows you wind, storm, tornadoes.  It is a visual showing you where that person is and if you continue your connection with this soulmate, that is where you will be- the centre of a tornado.  It is best then to walk away and follow what your heart is telling you and not like me get all 10 fingers and toes burnt. 

I am a sucker for romance and since I just came from a dimension that is love, this 3rd dimension of un-love and games and illusion was almost too much for me to bear.  Where were the hearts- I asked.  I always fall in love so easily and am willing to connect and create on the level of Christ consciousness and unconditional love.   

We have more than one soulmate and if you come across one that does not recognise you, nor give you the time of day, they may have chosen a different path of learning that you are not part of.  Accept this graciously and release them in love.  You will connect again, maybe not in this lifetime, but in another.  Usually when a soulmate or human does not recognise another for who and what they are (divine magnificent whole beings of light and unconditional love) they are in denial of this aspect of themselves and project this onto you.  You have free will to continue in the energetic space of turmoil or to free yourself and love yourself enough to walk away. 

Soulmates should accept one another for exactly who and what we are and not want to ask anything of us nor change us in any manner. 

After I freed myself from this particular soulmate and after doing all the necessary requests on my part for release I requested that through my GOD/GODDESS self to bring into my life the soulmates who were ready to play with me.

And the most beautiful people began to appear in my life. 

Also the idea that a soulmate completes us is a total fallacy.  We are already whole and complete and do not need another in our lives to do this.  It is when we reach the frame of peace within, and love ourselves from within and feel the oneness with all and do not need to complete ourselves with another, for to need to complete ourselves with another means that within you there is some healing that needs doing on your masculine inner.  Perhaps with acceptance, or looking at denial aspect.  It is only when we unconditionally accept all that we are will we attract into our lives the soulmate of the same vibration. 

Your higher GOD/GODDESS self at your request will bring into your life in divine timing a partner- be it a soulmate or not.  Then sit back with the belief that it will be.

And so it will be in divine timing. 

In unconditional love to all my soulmates and twin flame-I love you all 

Liat Nava Aliya

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