Greetings Beloved one 

Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya


The City of Light Andromeda.

We extend our greetings to all on mother earth at this joyous time. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service. 

We channel you today on The Winds of Change

The winds of change are upon this earth, and the events to come are wondrous.  The times have come for extended plan of change to facilitate The Great Awakening that is occurring on planet earth.  The light quotient has exceeded our expectations to our joy we see you all taking great steps in processing yourselves.  You are to be honoured and congratulated for this work.  This planet has not been easy to incarnate on, with its density and control by the Illuminati.  There are those that doubt any existence of us, and by that we mean The Galactic Federation that supports you in the earth skies. 

As we see the light grids alight and connect more and more, and as more of you on planet earth connect with the New Grids of Light, the less control the Illuminati has over you, for they cannot access the higher dimensions of love until they too step forward and embrace their light within. 

The winds of change are none other than the change within you beloved ones. The light you carry is now deeply shining through and the changes within are beginning to show without in the manifestation processes.  What this means for mother earth, is that she too can move forward in her path on this Ascension.  She is weary of the abuse, and looks forward to her bodies cleansing.  As you have been cleansing, so does she, step by step.

As you are all connected to THE ALL IS ONE, what the one does, affects the whole and as you inscend more light into yourselves by releasing your negative aspects, this aids others too on their path, be it unconsciously. 

No thing that you do is ever lost, no healing, or intent to heal oneself is ever lost to the wayside.  Any attempt by you to go within and heal that part of you, is always met with joy by your higher selves.  The work you are doing is greatly and joyfully acknowledged.  Our ever presence is encouraging you to continue and not be drawn into the last remaining dramas unfolding and trying to get your attention.  These last earthly dramas will play out their part in accordance with divine planning, and what this means to you is the end of war as you all know it.  And a New Beginning of a New Earth. 

The winds of Change are being felt deep within your own hearts.  Many of you are feeling anxious and excited.  Many of you have ups and downs. We ask you to hold your visions for peace for this earth.  We ask you to hold steady your visions of New Earth and the love, peace, joy, harmony and new life that awaits you.   New Earth will be just that, a place of unabounded joy and blissful connection to the heartfelt ALL, with only the desire for learning for the highest good. The kind of lives you will be leading are beyond your earthly imaginations. For your current concept of how life should be, is not really how you deserve.

There are too many living in advertly poor and underprivileged communities on this planet, with no hope of ever living peacefully or abundantly.
This will change with First Contact, and as communities form together and aid one another, with the new technology for free energy and healing, will help communities.  You will have free time for leisure and family, and you will follow your passions for whatever it is you desire to learn or do. 

It will be a life that is for you to manifest, for you will still have free will on New Earth, Your bodies will be healthy, you will be free to travel in the galaxy or universe with a blink of an eye with no restrictions. 

Your higher awareness and light being automatically places you in the higher dimensions of unconditional love, and the choices you make will be from this higher awareness and unconditional love and bliss.  This state of bliss is something that humanity has forgotten they deserve. 

So embrace the Winds of Change beloved ones.  With your feet on mother earth, reach for the stars.  We meet you, we greet you, we love you.

We honour your journey. 

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra
AVA MAYA- Rejoice in New Earth