Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya 

28-07-2007 and 30-07-2007 

Greetings beloved ones 

This is The Council of light City of Light Andromeda and this is Ascended Master Abu Myra. 

We channel you this evening on “Time is Short” 

Lightworkers are victorious; you have achieved what was set out beyond expectations.  He dark is scrambling and clutching unable to embrace their own light, they concede to the dark that falls into the lower vibrations. 

So many of you have raised your vibrations that you have become untouchable to the lower fear matrix and lower energies the dark is using.  They have no place on an earth filled with light.  As they are removed, it paves the way for the changes in your environment to take place. 

So many of you are frustrated with the timelines that you see and feel on such a deep level as you are connected to the higher vibrations.  Your knowingness is refreshing from the former lifestyles you led and you no longer wish to be a part of the systems of old earth.  You have seen the freedom of the higher dimensions either in dreams, clairvoyance or in your own inner knowledge. 

We are many beings of light have guided you for many lifetimes, but none as important as now and none that can be as rewarding as seeing the change from imprisonment to freedom.  So many human beings are so afraid to speak out against injustices around them.  There are many still living in abject fear and poverty and abuse and lack.  The dark have tried to manipulate and control, the selfishness and greed of their schemes has almost destroyed this beautiful planet. 

This channel has been particularly disturbed by environmental issues relating to the darks activities.  Rest assured that the planet will be aided amongst the changes that will be occurring.  The abuse of her has continued at the hand of so few dark individuals who do not care about the many human beings nor the environment.  As they strove to keep so many in fear and survival mode the many systems on this planet set up to keep you frustrated and behind in technology and advancement.  We wish to add that in the areas of weaponry and war, their technological advancement contained dangerous energies and advanced scientific means, and at the same time the government placed a blanket damper on technologies that would create for the human being a better quality of life.  These were withheld from you in attempt to keep you from questioning and attempting to use the better technologies already available.  It is without question that they would not be able to do this with your network of internet and soon many new technologies will begin surfacing from the many who are gifted and filled with the light of this universe with no desire except the benefit of humankind at heart.  The dark cringe in their own fear of this release and as more awaken, more of you begin to question the usage of your current energy.   You have seen through the lies and deceit, for your own inner being shout with knowing what the truth is. 

As the councils of light and beings of light, we have worked with you, the many channels on the planet and with many lightworkers to bring this change.  We advise that linear time is short now and the place that you call home is near.  Your final phase of shifting is upon you and we applaud your efforts and courage not to give up. 

Your own knowing within is a guidance and beacon to follow and your desires to live a life of absolute freedom.  You are entities and beings of light with all the potential of your dreams to manifest now. 

The Cities of Light all 144 are all waiting and ready within The Galactic Federation and the many beings of light to assist you.  We advise that the changes are near and imminent.  Your heart is the seat of awareness and the love of Elohim shines within. Many of you want your freedom, freedom to travel the universe of galaxy or planet at will with no restrictions.  Your children long for the education instruction based on truth and integrity.  Their awakened beings vibrate so much higher than the current systems of education. 

It is sad that so many human beings choose to remain stuck. Many choose to continue to inflict lower energies around them.  As light pours into them they have a choice to make.  In many Western countries the governments are well aware of the negative energies the Illuminati have foistered.  Yet integrity plays no part in government systems and this is conveniently overlooked as a “ploy”.  Too many have suffered, but awakened human beings counter each with light that is so effective.  They create media diversions, media untruths.  The false reporting and sensationalism is trapped into the lower matrix.  It is unable to penetrate the higher grids of light where your higher connections are to the 5th dimension and 6th dimension cities of light. 

To keep you from accessing these higher grids and dimensions the dark have tried and failed.  Know that the NEW WAY OF LIFE AWAITS ALL WHO WISH IT.  We see that the many of you want these changes and feel the injustices.  The feeling of inadequacy on your part is to be released.  Now that it is a given as is your ascension.   Your inner guidance should be clearer now as you have aligned to higher light and vibrations. 

We are The Council of Light

City of Light Andromeda

This is Ascended Master Abu Myra at your service and soon to meet.


Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya