UFO in the night sky January 2008 and the NEW

I was sitting on the front porch watching the night sky in early January 2008.  As I live in the Southern Hemisphere I would be looking north north east,  I had my eye keenly fixed on a very bright 3 star formation.  I always watch stars, have seen comets, satellites, shooting stars (meteorites), aeroplanes, helicopters etc and know the difference in how each moves.  A satellite will move in a constant motion in orbit that moves without a break in its motion around the planet with no tail dust. A shooting star is a sudden burst of light with a tail of stardust.  A comet moves more slowly either with or without a visible trail.

As I kept my eye on these particular 3 stars that night, the middle light moved from its resting point upwards and stopped dead still, then zigzagged backwards at incredible speed before disappearing from my sight.

Later on I saw some shooting stars and a satellite.  All I could think of was WOW what did I see and how can I explain this.

There has never been a time that I have not believed in the existence of other planets and life on them from a very unusual young age.  My family has a history of UFO sightings including spaceships.  I am not mad or psycho, and neither are people who see these unusual sightings,  but I  have experienced many things so different to what humans normally experience in Pleasantville.

Mention on a casual chat basis that you see an angels and heaven and that your best friends are your guides and the look on their faces just says it all. Go one step further and tell them you arrived on this planet 2 years ago and it gets priceless.  So how do you quantify seeing a UFO in the night skies.  Easy. You saw what you saw and that's that.  Try telling anyone and it gets even better. No one can seem to listen.  Is this the typical head in sand syndrome of not wanting to see or hear anything different that may create something for one to think about?  I have found that human beings do not like their comfort zones disturbed and spend so much time in a bubble of self created illusion that reality is shut out and we don't grow in a healthy spiritual and ultimately physical manner either.

To pretend, or to not want to know that these things exist is something that is very common to the way humans react to 3rd dimensional living.  Its what those in power use to keep so many in fear.  Humankinds complacency is a sad reality and the fact of the matter is that we are just as responsible for our actions as the actions we did not take.  Our actions to pollute this earth- we are responsible for it!!!!!  We are just as responsible because we did not do something about it!!!!!!

In the time I have been on this planet and that is since 08-12-2005 I have struggled to live in the density and negativity that resides on this planet. I am not afraid of any entity I come across in the astral or 4th dimension, but I am terrified of human beings for one reason only- they have the free will to create anything they choose including negativity, death and destruction of others- and they do. The incredible negativity a human being can create is enormous, along with this the karma and responsibility of these actions. 

But human beings also create love and wellbeing around them.  This is beautiful.

Unless consciousness is raised of all human beings, off worldly visitors are not going to miraculously come and give us technology to use when we do not even know how to use clean energy. Why? Because in the wrong hands of human beings who are of such low vibration, they can cause so much more damage. They wish is to use this technology for even greater control and manipulation. We have not even mastered nuclear energy, nor understood its powers.  We pollute the earth with radioactive waste that is disposed of by countries by PAYING the poorer countries like AFRICA to dump their waste down disused mineshafts.  Out of site, out of mind? WRONG. Somewhere sometime, there are great repercussions for these actions. 

So back to earth.  What do you think? Are you feeling like you cannot assist in cleaning up earth, that you are just one small human being?  You can. We in South Africa are having massive power outages and power cuts that are disrupting many lives and economic activities that employ vast numbers of poverty stricken people.  But our government has lied and tricked and manipulated and defrauded the public.  The truth is we do not have enough electricity.  This is where the fun starts. Instead of complaining- which is usual-why not get together, passionate minds of like kind and create alternatives that work.  This is where I see the great things being accomplished.  Not by governments, but by you the individual.  You have the power and the intellect and the guidance and you have something else- A HIGHER VIBRATION. 

This year of 2008 is the beginning of NEW and this is what I see.  And so it was that in the beginning of 2008 I was lucky enough to witness what I know to be UFO.  It made me think long and hard.

I don't know about you but I'm very excited!!!!

Watch the skies.

Liat Nava Aliya