The Vision of Earth to come - The Possible Future

beyond 2012 

By Liat Nava Aliya © 2010

I have for some time now not wanted to write about this vision I had in January of 2008, but as I have learned over the years is that a vision that keeps recurring is something not to be ignored at all. It came in two parts, one as geographical map of the area north east off the Islands of the coast of Japan, there I see a red dot as the ocean deepens into the shelf of the Pacific Ocean. I should explain that it is fartherest north where Japan tapers off into the northern Russian Islands that I see the epi-centre of the disturbance in the tectonic earth plates in dip in the shelf in the Pacific Ocean.

Second part of this vision is the Tsunami sweeping through one very tall building, and what caught my eye is the oriental writing at the top border of this building. It is a glass skyscraper, tall and at the top are red large neon oriental letters. The Tsunami is as tall as this skyscraper as it sweeps from east to west. From what I can understand the two are related to the disturbance of the tectonic plates deep in the Pacific Ocean, and the Tsumani is the result of this tragic event.

From where I live in Cape Town, my vision extends to Mother Earth in a very real way and that is the blackness emerging in psychic patterns out of Mother Earth who is reeling from the negativity of earth people. It is her job to cleanse negativity, but the patterning I am seeing is full negativity overload. There are many questions over which humanities future rests. One thing is for certain, we cannot continue our path of relative destruction. It affects each and every one of us and if we are to have a future beyond 2012, we have to change the way we think, act and go about our daily lives. It is not business as usual, it is business unusual. Spiritual values long since taught to us by many spiritual teachers coming and going have fallen on mighty deaf ears. Governments hell bent on destruction will have to learn responsibility of actions and answer even collectively as individuals and as a collective.

What path will humankind take? Will they continue as they are now or will their actions bring about the change that I see. Does the Mayan calender have anything to do with it? Or will humanity move forward in a way that reflects the spiritual values easily forgotten. We are in the Spiritual Ray, a powerful ray that pervades every incarnation, coming in at us from the higher dimensions. Growth and reflection are necessary, shedding of emotions, working on issues all require change and bravery.

This Age of Aquarius is aptly named after water, the flowing concept, harmony, fluidity and motion, but can also be deadly destructive on the dark end. If humankind continues on this reality, it may find itself literally washed out, cleansed by their own destructive natures. Yet is not only in countries of violence that affect the fluidity of motion, it is also stagnation, westernized peoples living in suburbia that face challenges that require deep reflection and change. It is too these human beings with the comforts of life that their greatest challenge will face them. Its simple, the death of our planet, day by day. Worst of all, the psychic negativity that I see every day, would scare the average human being if they saw it. But they don't because they can't. Their very own blockages and auric plugs by their very own thoughts have caused a brain and psychic fog so great, they can only concentrate on dense material and earthly matters. But there are those who wish to see past this, the ones working on their issues, their emotions, keeping their energy centers flowing with PRANA and their chakras open and processing. Living life as expressing their very divine souls with keen minds and compassion for humanity.

The West is affected by complacency, mediocrity, stagnation and unquestioning lifestyles and emotional garbage. The dense matrix they are attached to extremely dense, a solid reflection of the manifestation of principles that are not spiritual.

Will you reach within you to step up your vibration or will you sit back and watch the ride, quite literally it's going to be a rough one. No airy fairy ascension on 2012, nor dramatic end, but a great possibility to create a very different reality leading towards greater human advancement in compassionate humanities and advanced technologies so great we will be changed forever. I for one DO NOT BUY into doomsday 2012, but hold steady with clear vision for an altered reality of the greatest possibilities.

Baruch HaShem

Blessing of The Overflowing Living Waters

Bring this blessing into your life.

Liat Nava Aliya



" What a lot of people don't understand is that the new era has already begun..............with the decade from 2010..........there is no-thing to wait old era to has already ended....only the new is without a doubt going to be the most interesting time.....on this planet"
Quoted from Liat Nava Aliya 28-02-2010 
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