Ascension means to raise ones vibration.  We are as a human species all in the process of ascension right now whether you acknowledge it or not.

The earth too is in the process of ascension.  We are all part of a universe that is ascending all the time.  This includes all species of plant and animal and human.  Nothing is left out.  The time is now for raising our vibrations.

We do this by cleaning and clearing out all our shit from current lifetimes all the way back to previous lifetimes, through soul extensions and any piece and part of ourselves we ever separated from.  We have to clear all our karma through the same process by recognising it and requesting karmic absolution through the karmic absolution board. 

The best part of this clearing is that once done it is healed and never returns.
We are always ascending, it is not a single big bang and itís done. This is a misconception of many lightworkers.  It is a constant conscious effort.  It is the process of fully descending into our physical bodies at the same time allowing us to be fully present in the NOW time.  Linear time in itself is dissolving.  When I walked in in December last year I had an awful time with linearity.  I simply do not care for the structure of the week, day, month, year.  I also do not care for the structure of linear time itself.  To be held by this structure is to be part of a control system of old world structures that I have disconnected from.  Hence does not serve me. Hence I always feel I am in the right place and at the right time.  I have asked my higher self to always place me in that moment.  If I do not feel right, then I will leave. 

To fully ascend we need to be clear of 51% of our karma and need to have worked through all our issues and biggest of all recognise the illusional set up of the earth.  This does not mean that you need to isolate yourself (unless you are guided) and have no contact with anyone, nor read any books nor do anything in particular except live your life from your heart centre. 

You will come into contact with all the other wonderful beautiful expressions just like yourself doing just the same as you, and they might say something that catches your attention, or you may be guided to see a move with a message just for you, or read a book with that same message for you.  Take note of your surroundings be part of it, part of this divine expression called life on planet earth.

Do not judge one another, rather honour each others sacred spaces and paths and choices and realise that we are all in this together and that Love is the only way through this. 

Ascension is not a big bang theory, it is a constant process of realising that you are divine expression going back to source to the ONE that you truly are.
Ascension is really an incension, of bringing into ourselves our higher vibrational selves, activating our lightbodies, MerKaBa.

We are all to be honoured for our part in this process without judgement of one another, but rather look at one another and recognise the divinity with each and every one of you.  For there is no one on this planet that is not a divine expression just like you no matter their belief system, nor where they are in their journey. 

It is time now to begin disconnecting from old word systems, belief systems, old grid networks, lack consciousness, greed consciousness, poverty consciousness, lust consciousness, mass consciousness, and any other I have left out.  And to begin to connect through your heart to the new grids of light, the new energy and mother earth.  

It is time now to follow your heart and not your head.  The heart is the new way to operate from in the new earth energy.  And this is done by asking yourself what you are feeling. 

You are all beautiful divine expressions

Love yourselves, forgive yourselves

Connect with the inner child

Liat Nava Aliya