Greetings dear one


Channelled by Liat Nava Aliya

What is a City of Light

You have asked the question of what is a city of light. 

These cities of light are what is termed a healing vessel for the ascension and help of the ascension of the earth, to function as a carrier of light in the 5th dimensions and higher.  They interconnect within one another as more of the lightworkers work within the cities of light and as your consciousness is raised the networks spread until each city is interconnected.

Interdimensional travel is accessible and these cities will function as one for the earth and form part of the structure of light.  These cities are in fact a vessel rather than a place, with many interdimensional aspects within.

It is up to you to access them, the wisdom contained therein, and the healing available therein.  A city of light is not a place, but an interdimensional network of light.  It is part of the new earth light structure and consciousness available to humanity.  It represents a part of your new consciousness. 

As humanity raises its vibration, they too have access to the places of light. Each city is represented by a founder galaxy and by that we mean a star system, some you know and some you donít, but as more of this information is channelled, the more it will become known.  Each city has a collection of beings working within this system and helping humanity.  Some of these cities are beneath the earth surface. 

These cities of light are in fact vast libraries of wisdom and are available for download to those who are able to visit. The many books and websites will carry this information to the new earth and will build the new structures, systems and pathways for humanity to operate from.  By this we mean new systems for health, wealth, education, law, social etc.  All old systems are failing and breaking down at this moment and need to be replaced with new systems of light that are full of the new codes. These codes will be channelled as blueprints for the new earth. 

Within these cities are vast chambers and temples and libraries containing this ancient wisdom of the ages.  This is how heaven comes to earth.

Through you dear ones. 

We are the council of elders of the city of light- Andromeda