Usually when we incarnate, we incarnate at birth and inhabit a body for
life until we cross over to the other side.  However in Ascension times it is convenient (on each souls agreement between the one walking out and the one walking into the same body), to by pass the whole cycle of birth.  The process of pregnancy, birth and growth takes too long and the earth does not have the time available.  I was born Lianne Pittaway on 19-09-1963.

Her soul left on 08-12-2005 and I walked in on 08-12-2005 and became Liat Nava Aliya.  I remember the incident.  I became immediately sensitive to energies in places and in people.  I became instantly clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and awake.  I saw people on a soul level rather than on third dimensional level.  I wondered why no one loved one another.  I met my soulmate and wondered why he did not recognise me. 

Usually it involves a traumatic experience like an accident or head injury. But in my case- I merely crashed in without any physical trauma.  No less traumatic on my soul who felt the density of the earths energy and promptly wanted to leave immediately.  I felt the change immediately. I did not want to be here on this planet.

And so I dealt with what I thought was the signs of awakening and integration. There is a profound difference between the descent of the soul into the body and a walk-in only in that the soul is different, even though the symptoms are the same I knew something was up. My crown chakra burnt for months, so together with awakening I also had to deal with the earths dense energy field and work all this out.  It explains the depression, the tiredness, the panic, the pain in my heart and the wanting to leave the planet. I wanted to change my name. I did not want to be here.  I felt like I was dying, I had a dream that I had died, my daughter told me that she knew I was leaving her. 

My higher self had told me one day in early December 2005 that “I was done here”. The soulmate issue was awful.  

I honour the soul of Lianne Pittaway who did all what I call the hard work for me, for coming here is not easy. 

I channelled the sacred geometry of Atlantis using the pyramid structure immediately after walking in.  By May I was channelling the Elders of the Council of Light- City of Light-Andromeda.  I still did not believe in myself. 

There is a misconception among some that the soul descension is the same as a walk-in.   It is true that a soul descension occurs in both instances. In the case of a walk-in it can be a different soul altogether.

Trust me if you are a walk-in YOU WILL KNOW SOMETHING IS UP.  And if you don’t or didn’t like me you will know something is up and YOU WILL SEARCH.  TRUST YOURSELF. 

I kept asking who am I really?

I saw a great many people for readings bringing me closer and closer to the truth of “WHO AM I”. Luckily I called on the highest assistance of my guides and master guides, higher self and angels and I was guided to someone who had the same experience. 

I have all the memories of my walk in body available to me, but came in with new talents and abilities, in my case, the many gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, channelling, healing and many others I have not yet discovered. The other gifts I bring for earth are that I am a grid keeper, not only of earth lines, but of the grids of light.  I am also the keeper of water for Africa and work with it by blessing it and work with the elemental realm of devas, faeries, salamanders, dolphins, water and earth beings.  I am also the keeper of the symbology and sacred geometry of Atlantis to bring balance.  I am also a divine master of activation of re-connection to the earth with the sacred symbology and  keeper of these symbols of sacred geometry. In this process I will be re-connecting your heart to mother earth.  I am here for all of you in unconditional love for this universe.  I AM THE RE-CONNECTOR.

The symptoms of walking in are innately similar to awakening.  For me both occurred simultaneously.  And I searched for “who am I” for 9 months until I finally connected with ZaKaiRan. 

It explains why I am no longer the same person, I do not think the same talk the same, look the same or dress the same.  It also explains why I wanted to change my name.  The name Liat (my soul name) was given to me during a reading with Belinda Silbert  www.belindasilbert.co.za (I did not  know I was a walk-in then), the other two names were given to me later and confirmed by the Great White Brother Hood (known as the Lords of the Light) during meditation.  It is the name (Liat) that the Elohim birthed me with. (we all have one by the way) The other two names are names added to for my life here now on earth. 

It resonates to a vibration that I carry in my DNA and when spoken to me raises not only my own vibration but also the person speaking this name to me.  It is Hebrew.  

Liat- means-  “you are mine”  

Nava-means-  “beautiful”

Aliya-means-  “to ascend” 

And so I come to this planet and inhabit a body as a walk-in,  to live life and work with humanity.  I also come to bring in dimensions to earth in the best way I know how.  With  the passion to do it. And because I don't want to comeback and re-do this lifetime.

It is done with all the unconditional love in my being.

My thanks to ZaKaiRan for his gift of knowledge, compassion, unconditional love and patience.   

Love is all there is

Liat Nava Aliya © 2006

PS I am not here to be careful about knowing WHO and WHAT I AM and what I bring. I am here to impart this wisdom to all of you.